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GA Shaker+

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Magnetic Application

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GA Shaker+

The innovative, magnetic protein shaker bottle with card and smartphone holding capabilities makes your workout easier. Focus on your training and keep your possessions organized and off the floor.

Create your own GA Shaker+

Create your GA Shaker + in your favorite colours and create your own style

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The original developed by Gazi Avakhti.

  • Magnetic Application

    Conveniently fixing your GA Shaker+ to any piece of gym equipment while you train is simple. Our strong, in-built magnet allows you to keep your shaker, towel and other gym accessories off the floor and close by. Avoid leaving your gear on the dirty gym floor.

  • Smartphone holder

    Attach your smartphone to your GA Shaker+ with our in-built magnet and metal plate. Simply place the supplied metal plate inside your phone cover and attach to the magnet.

  • Card Slot

    We’ve integrated a card slot into the GA Shaker+, so you can keep your gym membership card* secure during your workout. You’ll always know where your card is and won’t risk losing it.

    * Please only use membership cards that do not use RFID or magnetic swipe strips.

Be clever, use our features

Unique in the world!

GA Shaker+® 2.0
  • Selfie station

    One of the unique benefits of the GA Shaker+ is the ability to use it as a selfie station to record your workout. No longer do you need a gym partner to help out, simply set up the GA Shaker+ with your smartphone and set the timer.

  • Towel holder

    Keep your towel clean and off the gym floor. Simply place your towel on your GA Shaker+ and you won’t have to worry about towel hygiene again.

  • Carry handle

    Our ergonomic handle allows you to carry your GA Shaker+ with only two fingers.

  • Shaker function

    We’ve designed a concave sieve to ensure that you get a creamy, lump-free shake every time. The sieve is hidden in the lid.

Customer reviews

That’s really a great thing! Solves real problems everyone from the gym knows.

The GA Shaker+ can do anything.

This is genius!!! I need that!!! I want, I want, I want …

Very cool thing! Must have …

Well, that’s something useful. Cool idea!

Wow, the GA Shaker+. 3,2,1, mine!! I can finally take selfies without holding the mobile phone or asking somebody. YESSSS!