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Gazi Avakhti

As a former professional soccer player, I have been working as a professional personal trainer since 2008 and have completed over 14,000 training hours with my clients.
I have been training up to six times a week in the gym for over 20 years. It is my passion and I live the fitness lifestyle. But one thing I have noticed in almost every workout over the years. Every trainee worldwide, no matter if young or old, has the same annoying problem. Everyone in the gym uses a towel, a drink bottle, a membership card, a smartphone and headphones. You have to carry these things with you during the whole workout from fitness machine to fitness machine: This is not practical and totally annoying.
That's why I invented and developed the GA Shaker Plus, which solves exactly this annoying problem. During the development, high quality and the unique versatility of my own shaker were especially important to me, because I designed it according to my ideas.